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NekoLoko 2/14/2015 10:32 PM
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Glorp Glorp Glorp!

Novemberalpha, Dec 14, 12 10:12 PM.
Here in the "real world" most major and minor religions are celebrating some of the most important events of the year. Hell, even the non-religious like to get in on the game in the spirit of family, good cheer and consumerism and celebrate the season. So while we celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Yule, the Winter Solstice or what have you, the Spiral Order and the Strangers celebrate Winterfest!

A light dusting of snow covers Haven and Impostoclaus is back in town with goodies for all. First up is the Frosty Prizebox which contains the usual assortment of costumes and accessories in a cool blue/gray color scheme, winter confetti, and snowballs you that throw at other players! But NA, how do you get these fancy prize boxes? Well, that's a bit more complicated. You have to save Winterfest from the Grinchlins! Like the Halloween event, you've gotta grind tokens. But instead of hunting the clockworks there's a repeatable mission to deliver as many presents as you can in 10 minutes to all the good little gremlins of Emberlight. Blocking your way are fiendish fiends and the occasional kleptolisk to steal the loot.  I'm not gonna lie, its a challenge and not something you're going to want to run alone. Ideally you have a full group of 4 on a low tier to maximize deliveries and thus tokens. 3-4 runs will get you enough tokens to purchase a box. One can also earn Krogmo Coins and purchase them with those.

K-coins and winter tokens (called Winter Wishlists), can also be used to purchase the festive hats seen in last year's event. Unfortunately, they expire again mid January.

The second seasonal surprise is the promotional Winterfest Prizebox. Acquired with energy purchase (along with a Frosty Prizebox), these have the chance of containing Winter costume gear, holiday guild hall furnishings, or the grand prize of the Impostoclaus costume set!

Other additions with this patch include a new winter themed lockdown map, and some additions to the guild halls.  The halls now have the option of installing doors that limit entry to certain guild ranks. Also available at Floor 3 is a new Hunter's Lounge where craftable boss trophies can be displayed.

Full details for both can, as always, be found on the forum release notes
Patch notes
Prizebox notes

Hope everyone is having a good and safe holiday, even if you're only celebrating Winterfest. See you on Cradle, and good hunting.


Home Sweet Home

Novemberalpha, Nov 15, 12 2:01 AM.
The update we've been waiting a long time for is here. No, not that one. The other one!

We may be a long way from  home, but Cradle has become home now. That reality has sunk into the Knights of the Spiral Order as an official garrison has been set up in Haven and Guild Halls have become more than just an empty room.

The garrison section of town is east of town square and also links to the east side of the arcade. First things first: it's full of stairs. It's amazing. Other than stairs, the entrance to the guild halls can be found in the garrison. The hall can still be reached in the previous manner (as well as a handy new button in the ready room), but by entering from the garrison you can also choose to enter any other guild hall that has been made public and see all the cool stuff they've got. Also found here is the redesigned Hall of Heroes and a future building identified as the Lab.

The Guild hall update is pretty impressive. Simply logging on awards you an item to decorate the hall with (along with 2 free prestige based items), but most furnishings require crowns. Deposit your non-refundable crowns in the guild treasury (terminal in the guild hall) and any officer can requisition items we have available for purchase. Go into design mode from the terminal to place them. Additional Items apparently become available as we increase the size of the hall, but it's not entirely clear at this point how that all works, so be patient whilst we figure things out. I'm not going to go over all the details here, because there's a lot of little things to cover and you don't want to read my drivel anyway. So instead I'll direct you to the release notes and encourage you to fiddle. I'd imagine the wiki will have a good deal of information within a couple of days as well.

Release notes

I'm sure the things will be constantly changing and evolving. Probably safe to expect a slightly different guild hall every visit. Also, dont forgt to check out some of the other guild halls open to the public and see what kinda stuff they've got. There's lots more we don't have access to yet.

One key thing to note is the upkeep costs. This appears to be based on size of the hall itself, not items in it. Upkeep is paid weekly and we'll need contributions from everyone if we want to keep things pretty or expand. We're not setting up a dues schedule or anything like that. Just be mindful of it and contribute what you can when you can and we'll all be appreciative. Basically if you can do a JK or FSC run once or twice a week and donate a portion of those rewards, we should be able to handle the costs without any issue.

So overall a pretty significant update. No new content to speak of, but this clearly took up a lot of the dev's time. There's room for improvement yet, but it's a very solid start. Perhaps the best part for most of us is this finally fills a much needed crown sink, so prices on everything are falling. CE prices on the exchange dropped nearly 1000 within 12 hours of the update. Exciting stuff!

Till next time. Good  hunting.


Oooh, spooky!

Novemberalpha, Oct 17, 12 8:42 PM.
Its time for the return of the Dark Harvest Festival and the return of the Punkin King!  This was a favorite event last year, and runs October 17 through November 1. Haven is eerily decorated, while spirits flit about to a brand new music track. Trick or treat in the punkin patch and get candy tokens for spooky mask costume helms! Punkin patches are found by running the daily mission "The Dark Harvest" which rewards a bit of prestige upon completion, and may be found in any clockwork tunnels style level. The daily can only be run once per day, but you can participate again if another invites you along. So share the wealth and bring friends if you've got open party slots!

Your choice of masks are the same as last year (Spookat, Phantom, and Frankenzom in temporary paper and replica versions, or permanent authentic version) which is a bit disappointing if you're a veteran and have them all already, but it gives newer players a chance to get what really are cool masks.

In addition to the masks, Dark Harvest Prize Boxes can be purchased for 25 of any candy token, and contain Halloween re-colored versions of the usual list of items. Jack o' Bombhead Mask and a Haunted Aura are the unique items with this promo box. And as usual, boxes contain an assortment of themed confetti, slot upgrades and other useables.  A Tier 3 patch drops approximately a dozen assorted tokens, so it shouldn't take long to get the mask you want or several boxes before the event ends.

Some minor bugfixes and UI changes came along with this patch, including some fixes for the monster stun bugs, and a couple of new options for proto gear. Full notes found here.

Still no updates on the upcoming guild hall release, nor the new section of town, but you can be certain the Spiral Order is working tirelessly to bring these upgrades online as quickly as possible. We'll get news out on that as soon as its available.

Enjoy the festival everyone, and good hunting!



Novemberalpha, Sep 17, 12 10:02 PM.
What, no one else remembers that? Oh c'mon, I'm not that old! Get off my lawn already!

Wait, there's a point to all of that foolishness. I'm a bit late, but until September 24, you can get a Surge Prize Box with energy purchase. Like all the other prize boxes, they do not require a key to open and come with the usual assortment of goodies. You know the drill by now. The surge items have a dark blue and red color scheme that's actually pretty sharp lookin'(not old!). This time around there's even 2 new piece of costume gear: Flak Jacket and Draped Armor. The flak jacket looks quite nice...I dont quite get the draped armor. The unique aura this round is the Hacked Aura, that looks pretty cool too.

Along with the promotional event, yet another danger mission has been released. Ghosts in the Machine. Shocking undead and constructs with 4 new monsters making their debut. Difficulty of the mission lies somewhere around Heart of Ice, with the added annoyance of shock. We all love shock so much...but at least it doesn't include office supplies being chucked at your head.

A couple other minor patches were also released including the ability to be a spectator for PvP matches. I've not tried that yet, but it could be fun. Players are completely blocked from all chatter from spectators, so there's no using that to go spying on the other team.

And now we get to the big news.

The previous post, I was wondering just what the Devs have been doing with their time. Now we know.

Pretty much since the game went live, players have been asking for a reason for guild halls to exist. Something to do. Guild features like a bank. Any kind of reason to be in a guild beyond an extended friends list. Soon we shall have that wish granted. The short story is we'll be able to redesign and decorate the guild hall, adding furniture and even additional rooms. We'll also have a bank to store crap in, and a mysterious "command console" which will do who knows what. But there is a catch. All this luxury requires upkeep. Pay in crowns to the guild treasury to cover upkeep on the guild hall. The  more lavish and crazy the hall, the more the upkeep costs are. Unpaid upkeep will cause some or all of the guild hall to revert to its normal boring state.

In addition, the eastern portion of town is under construction. Visit the walled off path by the alchemy machine in the town square and you'll see the construction workers preparing to open the way. The new section of town will be the Garrison, where the knights have made camp and the guild halls can be found!

Neither the guild hall upgrades nor the Garrison are live yet, but the detailed announcement can be found HERE, don't miss it.

We'll be sure to send out another update as soon as these new features go live. Till then, good hunting



Novemberalpha, Sep 5, 12 7:40 PM.
That's right, pigeons. The latest update messes with our beloved snipes. They now flock and scatter like pigeons. Whoopie. They also managed a couple of minor art updates with this one. Full notes Here

Can you tell from the above just how not excited I am about this? Makes me wonder just what the Devs have been doing with their time. The hope is this patch felt larger than should've been needed for these minor changes, so one can hope they're pre-patching for some soon to be released content. There is a new Danger Mission up on the testing server called Ghosts in the Machine, so there will be some small bit of content released before long.

And speaking of danger missions, Ive been derelict in my duties. 2 other danger missions were released since the last Stairs Club update. Compound 42 is a real jerk of a mission. Gremlins are common here, but the real problem is poison oilers. The things are everywhere dropping globs of poison that catch fire, and shooting spines in every direction. And as you'd expect, there are plenty of sources of fire to wreck havoc on you and your party. The other is Heart of Ice, a fun but challenging set of frozen levels populated by fiends and beasts, punctuated by a giant vanaduke like trojan at the final room.

Also missing due to my negligence, we've seen a couple of promotions come and go. The Hunter promotion provided a hunter prize box with energy purchase filled with many of the accessories and armor you're already familiar with, but tinted shades of green and yellow. Like with the previous prize box promotions, the boxes do not require a key to open, items within are unbound, and can contain the usual assortment of other goodies plus themed confetti.  We also saw a 5-day  Energy Boost, providing 15% additional CE with purchase. My apologies if you were planning to purchase and missed this chance because I'm a slacker and didn't put up a notice when it happened.

There have been a couple other very minor bugfixes along the way as well -see the official forums for full details- along with the major shard bomb update as outlined by Oneerranttwitch (good stuff, don't miss it) in the previous post. There's still a good deal of animosity over that change, but from what I've seen and heard, at least one of the new bombs is starting to gain some small measure of acceptance.

That's all for what has been a very slow summer Spiral Knights wise. Another month or so and we will hopefully see the return of the Punkin King, and be collecting candy once again!

Good Hunting everyone.

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